Fighting Tortugas (x)114624336.51289.103815.23254.35
Throwbacks (y)77443686.47263.323704.88264.63
The Kings58353103.56238.743295.92253.53
The Dogs49352918.60224.513142.38241.72
Goon Squad (x)105823804.34253.623664.18244.28
Hot Shots (y)105544142.48276.173754.59250.31
Baby Browns (y)79364214.17263.394164.08260.26
Caribbean Studs67443121.91240.153324.70255.75
x = Clinched Division    y = Clinched Playoff Spot
Wildcard Playoff
Baby Browns (303.45) def. Throwbacks (251.81)
Semifinal Playoffs
Fighting Tortugas (280.75) def. Baby Browns (242.26)
Hot Shots (274.63) def. Goon Squad (262.17)
Chico Toilet Bowl
Goon Squad (266.86) def. Baby Browns (247.11)
Chico Super Bowl
Fighting Tortugas (314.28) def. Hot Shots (281.68)
Hot Shots (281.68)  vs. Tortugas (314.28)
Baby Browns (247.11)  vs. Goon Squad (266.86)
End of season - see you next year!
Commissioner's Notes

Clash of the Titans! Hot Shots vs. Fighting Tortugas for the crown!


Hail to the Tortugas!
Hot Shots - 2021-12-27
Joe, you have a great team. We had a good battle and in the end, you were better! Great season and great drafting!!

Good luck Hot Shots
Fighting Tortugas - 2021-12-26
Having flashbacks to week five were you kicked my butt with your two remaining guys. Congrats for getting in the finals and good luck

Thursday Start
Baby Browns - 2021-12-15
Edwards-Helaire RB

Thursday Night Sluggards
Sluggards - 2021-12-03
Mark Ingram II NO RB and Dalton Schultz TE DAL

GS Thursday player
Goon Squad - 2021-12-02
Sir Dak

Thursday start Kings + Janet
The Kings - 2021-12-02
Gallup and Zerlin starting tonight + "Janet already" is my favorite new text to speech translation. Did you Janet already. DK Metcalf would you get a catch, Janet already. Coveffee

Throwbacks - 2021-12-02
Hi guys sorry I am on the road without my login info for godaddy or email. I have posted stuff here with my computer but it won’t stick. Trying phone. Totugas goon squad and hot shots are in. Other two spots up for grabs. Tortugas are a runaway train have won 7 in a row and crushing the field. Pay if you Janet already. Good luck will post more on Saturday when home

Sluggards Late Change 12:55 ET
Sluggards - 2021-11-28
Boyd for Toney

Sluggards Thursday Change
Sluggards - 2021-11-25
Melvin Gordon III for Mark Ingram II

Thursday start Kings
The Kings - 2021-11-25
M Gallop...go Cowboys

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2021-11-25
Dalton Schultz TE Dallas, Mark Ingram II RB New Orleans

Thur Starts
Baby Browns - 2021-11-24
Buff Rd Josh Jacobs Stefan Diggs

Brown’s Sunday changes 10:52 cst
Baby Browns - 2021-11-21
Hardman for Cobb and NYG rd for buff

Sluggards Add Drop
Sluggards - 2021-11-21
Add Isaiah Spiller, Brian Robinson Jr, Treylon Burks, Chris Olave, and Jahan Dotson. Cut Kenyan Drake, Logan Thomas, Atlanta Rush, Chicago Rush

Thursday player
Hot Shots - 2021-11-19
The Young Ho from ATL will be kicking for the HS tonight.

Kings starts Thursday
The Kings - 2021-11-18
Kyle Pitts

Baby Browns - 2021-11-18
add - hyde and nyg rd and drop mack and juju

Goon Squad - 2021-11-18
Added K Greg Joseph dropped WR Shenault Jr

HS Adds/Drops
Hot Shots - 2021-11-18
Drop: Darnold, Fields, Cedrick Wilson, Chargers RD Add: Benjamin, Freeman, Newton, Peoples-Jones

Sluggards late change 12:24 ET
Sluggards - 2021-11-14
Mark Ingram NO in at running back for Mike Davis ATL

Not happy about it
Goon Squad - 2021-11-11
Myles Gaskin tonight

Thursday players
Hot Shots - 2021-11-10
Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown

Fighting Tortugas - 2021-11-06
Drop k Myers sea Drop. WR will fuller Add QB Mike White Add NYJ Rush D

Babilonians - 2021-11-05
Decided to add Elijah Moore instead of Dan arnold

Baby Browns - 2021-11-05
Add - Crosby, Kirk and Cobb Drop - Blankenship, Glennon and Dobbins

Thursday Start for the Kings
The Kings - 2021-11-04
M. Carter - RB - NYJ, this was supposed to be King Henry, thoughts and prayers for the Kings. I hate Liz Frank.

Free Agents - Week 3
Goon Squad - 2021-11-04
Add QB Rush, Drop QB Winston

Babs adds
Babilonians - 2021-11-04
Howard,Scott,Arnold renfrow mikissic, crowder, Drop Marshall, Thomas,lutz,Stevenson. Rick can you add gesicki to pool

HS Drops/Add
Hot Shots - 2021-11-04
Drop Ruggs, Hines and Robby Anderson Add Lazard, Wilson and Gore Rick, could you add Derrick Gore, KC RB to the player pool??

TB Add Drops
Throwbacks - 2021-11-04
Add Wentz Garoppolo Johnson Atlanta PD Philadelphia PD Drop Fitzpatrick Heinicki Lawrence Brown Giants RD

Thursday start
Babilonians - 2021-11-04
Indy rush

Thursday Start
Baby Browns - 2021-11-03
Indy PD

Sluggards Sunday Morning change 12:46 ET
Sluggards - 2021-10-31
Schultz for Ridley

GS Thursday
Goon Squad - 2021-10-28
D Hop

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2021-10-28
Arizona Pass Defense

Browns Thursday night start
Baby Browns - 2021-10-27
QB - rodgers GB RB - Jones GB WR - AJ Green AZ

Late Change
Baby Browns - 2021-10-24
Da Williams and M Hardman in for Jacob’s and Ingrum

Sluggards Week 7 TH
Sluggards - 2021-10-21
Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland Browns

Thursday Start
Baby Browns - 2021-10-21
Den RD

Babilonians - 2021-10-21
No bridgewater

Thursday players
Babilonians - 2021-10-21
Bridgewater and sutton

Thursday start Kings
The Kings - 2021-10-20
Cleveland Rush O Beckham wr

Sunday week 2 start
The Kings - 2021-10-17
Miami RD

The Kings - 2021-10-17
Jack PD

Babilonians - 2021-10-15

Throwbacks - 2021-10-15
Add Folk Drop J Patterson

HS Drops
Hot Shots - 2021-10-14
Miami Pass D

Dropped Players
Goon Squad - 2021-10-14
Jets Rush Quintez Cephus- WR/DET KJ Osbourne- WR/MIN

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2021-10-14
Tampa Bay Rush Defense

Sunday Morning Start
The Kings - 2021-10-09
Kyle Pitts TE Atl

Browns Thursday night start
Baby Browns - 2021-10-06
WR - Cooper Kupp

Thursday start Kings
The Kings - 2021-10-06
Qb Matt Stafford WR DK Metcalf

Late change
Sluggards - 2021-10-03
Logan Thomas for Claypool

Kings Thursday starter
The Kings - 2021-09-30
WR M Jones Jags

Sluggards Wk 4 TH
Sluggards - 2021-09-29
Joe Mixon

Throwbacks - 2021-09-27
I am in the wrong business!

GL Today Guys
Throwbacks - 2021-09-26
Browns by 20, I think.

Drop Player
Fighting Tortugas - 2021-09-25
Nelson Agholor

HS Drop Change
Hot Shots - 2021-09-24
Not dropping TN Pass D

Throwbacks Drop
Throwbacks - 2021-09-24
Emmanuel Sanders and Giovani Bernard

HS Drops
Hot Shots - 2021-09-24
Mostert, Tenn PD, Michael Carter,

Dogs Thursday
The Dogs - 2021-09-23

Dropped Player
Goon Squad - 2021-09-23
Tevin Coleman - sorry Rick and did my FA money, specifically what you asked us not to do…doh!

Carolina Rush & Pass
Goon Squad - 2021-09-23
Just in case

Thankfully I have nobody to start on Thursday night
The Kings - 2021-09-22
Specifically no Houston Texans!

Thursday Week 2 starts for the Kings
The Kings - 2021-09-16
Washington Pass

Sluggards Wk 1 TH
Sluggards - 2021-09-08
Amari Cooper and TB Rush

Week One Starters (Just in case)
The Kings - 2021-09-08
QB Stafford - LA Rams RB1 D Henry - Tenn RB2 N Harris - Pitt WR1 DK Metcalf - Sea WR2 J Jones - Tenn WR3 O Beckham - Cle K Zuerlin - Dall (THURSDAY START) RD MIAMI - (NOT IN SYSTEM CANT ADD) PD NY Giants

Thursday players
Babilonians - 2021-09-07
Zeke and evans