The Kings42311573.51262.251424.17237.36
Fighting Tortugas24221631.17271.861789.92298.32
The Dogs15131389.47231.581542.36257.06
Hot Shots51311777.77296.301572.31262.05
Goon Squad42311658.41276.401490.62248.44
Caribbean Studs33221380.51230.091452.09242.02
Baby Browns33131634.94272.491573.30262.22
Top Performers
Dogs (247.89)  vs. Babilonians (268.63)
Tortugas (319.36)  vs. Throwbacks (279.23)
Kings (308.23)  vs. Sluggards (230.45)
Carribean Studs (197.34)  vs. Goon Squad (282.51)
Baby Browns (262.42)  vs. Hot Shots (228.96)
Dogs vs. Tortugas View this matchup
Throwbacks vs. Sluggards View this matchup
Kings vs. Baby Browns View this matchup
Carribean Studs vs. Hot Shots View this matchup
Babilonians vs. Goon Squad View this matchup

Sunday week 2 start
The Kings - 2021-10-17
Miami RD

The Kings - 2021-10-17
Jack PD

Babilonians - 2021-10-15

Throwbacks - 2021-10-15
Add Folk Drop J Patterson

HS Drops
Hot Shots - 2021-10-14
Miami Pass D

Dropped Players
Goon Squad - 2021-10-14
Jets Rush Quintez Cephus- WR/DET KJ Osbourne- WR/MIN

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2021-10-14
Tampa Bay Rush Defense

Sunday Morning Start
The Kings - 2021-10-09
Kyle Pitts TE Atl

Browns Thursday night start
Baby Browns - 2021-10-06
WR - Cooper Kupp

Thursday start Kings
The Kings - 2021-10-06
Qb Matt Stafford WR DK Metcalf

Late change
Sluggards - 2021-10-03
Logan Thomas for Claypool

Kings Thursday starter
The Kings - 2021-09-30
WR M Jones Jags

Sluggards Wk 4 TH
Sluggards - 2021-09-29
Joe Mixon

Throwbacks - 2021-09-27
I am in the wrong business!

GL Today Guys
Throwbacks - 2021-09-26
Browns by 20, I think.

Drop Player
Fighting Tortugas - 2021-09-25
Nelson Agholor

HS Drop Change
Hot Shots - 2021-09-24
Not dropping TN Pass D

Throwbacks Drop
Throwbacks - 2021-09-24
Emmanuel Sanders and Giovani Bernard

HS Drops
Hot Shots - 2021-09-24
Mostert, Tenn PD, Michael Carter,

Dogs Thursday
The Dogs - 2021-09-23

Dropped Player
Goon Squad - 2021-09-23
Tevin Coleman - sorry Rick and did my FA money, specifically what you asked us not to do…doh!

Carolina Rush & Pass
Goon Squad - 2021-09-23
Just in case

Thankfully I have nobody to start on Thursday night
The Kings - 2021-09-22
Specifically no Houston Texans!

Thursday Week 2 starts for the Kings
The Kings - 2021-09-16
Washington Pass

Sluggards Wk 1 TH
Sluggards - 2021-09-08
Amari Cooper and TB Rush

Week One Starters (Just in case)
The Kings - 2021-09-08
QB Stafford - LA Rams RB1 D Henry - Tenn RB2 N Harris - Pitt WR1 DK Metcalf - Sea WR2 J Jones - Tenn WR3 O Beckham - Cle K Zuerlin - Dall (THURSDAY START) RD MIAMI - (NOT IN SYSTEM CANT ADD) PD NY Giants

Thursday players
Babilonians - 2021-09-07
Zeke and evans