Fighting Tortugas0101265.39265.39311.02311.02
The Dogs0101230.60230.60313.12313.12
The Kings0100190.15190.15260.15260.15
Hot Shots1010291.89291.89241.63241.63
Caribbean Studs1010268.21268.21184.46184.46
Goon Squad1000260.15260.15190.15190.15
Baby Browns0101184.46184.46268.21268.21
Top Performers
Dogs (230.60)  vs. Throwbacks (313.12)
Tortugas (265.39)  vs. Sluggards (311.02)
Kings (190.15)  vs. Goon Squad (260.15)
Carribean Studs (268.21)  vs. Baby Browns (184.46)
Babilonians (241.63)  vs. Hot Shots (291.89)
Dogs vs. Tortugas View this matchup
Throwbacks vs. Kings View this matchup
Sluggards vs. Carribean Studs View this matchup
Babilonians vs. Baby Browns View this matchup
Hot Shots vs. Goon Squad View this matchup

Thursday Week 2 starts for the Kings
The Kings - 2021-09-16
Washington Pass

Sluggards Wk 1 TH
Sluggards - 2021-09-08
Amari Cooper and TB Rush

Week One Starters (Just in case)
The Kings - 2021-09-08
QB Stafford - LA Rams RB1 D Henry - Tenn RB2 N Harris - Pitt WR1 DK Metcalf - Sea WR2 J Jones - Tenn WR3 O Beckham - Cle K Zuerlin - Dall (THURSDAY START) RD MIAMI - (NOT IN SYSTEM CANT ADD) PD NY Giants

Thursday players
Babilonians - 2021-09-07
Zeke and evans