Baby Browns101602915.45265.042678.34243.49
Hot Shots83433108.74282.612853.69259.43
The Kings47332527.48229.772710.71246.43
Caribbean Studs56432569.18233.562884.86262.26
Fighting Tortugas56332747.25249.752662.13242.01
Goon Squad47252824.25256.752856.63259.69
The Dogs47242764.05251.283048.45277.13
Top Performers
Baby Browns (315.29)  vs. Dogs (279.95)
Hot Shots (318.43)  vs. Goon Squad (233.99)
Throwbacks (301.50)  vs. Carribean Studs (223.19)
Kings (164.16)  vs. Tortugas (229.75)
Babilonians (255.78)  vs. Sluggards (213.26)
Baby Browns vs. Throwbacks View this matchup
Hot Shots vs. Carribean Studs View this matchup
Kings vs. Babilonians View this matchup
Goon Squad vs. Dogs View this matchup
Tortugas vs. Sluggards View this matchup

Sunday change
Baby Browns - 2022-11-27
Burks in for Deebo

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2022-11-24
Running Back Rhamondre Stevenson, New England Patriots and Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills

Nearly my whole line up is starting Thanksgiving
The Kings - 2022-11-24
Gallup, Slayton, Barkley, Cousins, Theilen,Bills PD, enjoy and good luck Babs, happy Thanksgiving

Turkey day player
Babilonians - 2022-11-23

Thursday Player
Hot Shots - 2022-11-23

GS Add/Drop
Goon Squad - 2022-11-17
Add: Pitt Pass & Peoples-Jones Drop: Darren Waller & Chuba Hubbard

Babs add/drop
Babilonians - 2022-11-17
Add Carter,Williams,charck,Jefferson,skowtrnak Dropwentz,warren, renfrow hurst minn pd

The Kings - 2022-11-17
Add Heiney and Baker Drop PJ and Myers

Thursday start
The Kings - 2022-11-17
Derek Henry

Hot Shots - 2022-11-17
Add Rachaad White, DeAndre Carter Drop Chase Edmonds and Michael Thomas

Thur Start
Baby Browns - 2022-11-16

Sluggards Insurance Move
Sluggards - 2022-11-15
Elijah Mitchell returns from the Injured List and is added to the Sluggards roster. Michael Carter returns to the FA pool.

Thursday start Kings
The Kings - 2022-11-10
DJ Moore

I got Joe Mixoned
The Kings - 2022-11-06
And then some

Add Dalton, Lutz...Drop Sharp, Williams
Fighting Tortugas - 2022-11-04
Add Dalton, Lutz...Drop Sharp, Williams

Baby Browns - 2022-11-03
Add Scott, Dobbins, Ehlinger and N. Brown. Drop Bateman, Haskin, Hall and Watson

Sluggards - 2022-11-03
Philadelphia Pass Defense

Goon Squad - 2022-11-03
WR Devonta Smith

Thursday start
Baby Browns - 2022-11-03
AJ Brown wr

Thursday Start
The Kings - 2022-11-01
Philly Rush Defense

Sunday AM
The Kings - 2022-10-30
K McManus

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2022-10-27
Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Goon Squad - 2022-10-27
Brady & Andrews

Thursday Player
Hot Shots - 2022-10-27
Lamar Jackson

Thursday start
Fighting Tortugas - 2022-10-27
Balt rush

Rick Traveling
Throwbacks - 2022-10-23
Hi guys I am in Switzerland this week if you can help with scoring I’d appreciate it. Will be super later here.

Thursday Starts
Hot Shots - 2022-10-20
DeAndre Hopkins and New Orleans Run Defense

dogs Thursday player
The Dogs - 2022-10-20
Kyler Murray

Browns A/D
Baby Browns - 2022-10-13
Add Doubs, Drop Lutz

Throwbacks - 2022-10-13
Add Njoku and Joseph drop Penny and Hopkins

Goon Squad - 2022-10-13
K Fairbairn

Babilonians - 2022-10-13
That was me for 2 years balancing out this year for me since I suck thats goid

Add drop
Babilonians - 2022-10-13
Add: Cobb,warrenn, hurst, Davis Cut:spiller,foreman,fields

Hot Shots - 2022-10-13
Add-Geno Smith, Dontrelle Hilliard, AZ RD, Hou PD Drop- Trey Lance, Zamir White, Pitt PD, Sea RD

Typical Year
The Dogs - 2022-10-11
Well we are currently the 2nd highest scoring team in the league, and we sit at 2-3 due to our avg points against is 22 points higher the anyone else in the league. Teams are averaging almost 300 against us. I know no one feels sorry for us. :)

Dogs light change
The Dogs - 2022-10-09
Dogs light changeBills run defense for Sensi

McManus too
The Kings - 2022-10-07
Thursday night

Thursday and Early Sunday
Fighting Tortugas - 2022-10-06
Pittman wr indi Green Bay Pass

Thursday Start
Baby Browns - 2022-10-05
Indy Rush

Thursday + London
The Kings - 2022-10-04
J Juedy wr Denver + S Barkley rb nyg

Goon Squad - 2022-10-02
Pierce for Kamara

Late Switch
Hot Shots - 2022-10-02
Minnesota RD out, Jax RD in

London calling....Kings starting your majesty
The Kings - 2022-10-02
Qb cousins wr Theilin

Lamb in for St. Brown
Throwbacks - 2022-10-01
Go Cowboys

dogs Thursday player
The Dogs - 2022-09-29
Cincy run

Thursday Players
Hot Shots - 2022-09-29
Joe Mixon and Tyreek Hill

Browns Thursday night start
Baby Browns - 2022-09-29
WR - Waddle RD - Miami K - McPherson

Throwbacks - 2022-09-25
Whoever it is helping with the stats - thank you!

I am gonna regret this....
The Kings - 2022-09-25
Thielen in. Moore out.

dogs Thursday player
The Dogs - 2022-09-22
karem Hunt

Thursday player
Babilonians - 2022-09-22
Pickens wr

Thursday player
Babilonians - 2022-09-22
Pickens wr

TB Thursday
Throwbacks - 2022-09-22
Cleveland Rush and Pass. The Browns PD lost 40 points in those last two minutes last week, and TB lost by 7. WAAAH

TB Add Drops
Throwbacks - 2022-09-22
Add Wilson Minshew Hopkins Williams drop KJ Osborn

Sluggards Thursday
Sluggards - 2022-09-22
Nick Chubb RB Cleveland Browns

Sunday Change
Throwbacks - 2022-09-18
Tee Higgins for Cee Dee Lamb.

dogs wk 2 late change
The Dogs - 2022-09-18
Julio Jones Out Marquis Brown in

Sunday change
Babilonians - 2022-09-18
Singletary for jones

Sluggards Thursday Night
Sluggards - 2022-09-15
QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Dogs Sunday Change
The Dogs - 2022-09-11
Lazard and his sprained Labia Minor is out, and Mike Willimas is in

Dogs Thursday
The Dogs - 2022-09-08
Cooper Kupp will play tonight for the dogs

Thursday start Kings (first post of the year)
The Kings - 2022-09-08
Wooooohooooo. Football is here my brothers. Starting Allen Robinson WR Rams on Thursday night.

Welcome to Season 33 of the ECFL
Throwbacks - 2022-09-05
Great Draft Boys. Let the games begin.